Reject I-1000

Voting is over. Love or hate, its done. But the campaign is NOT DONE. The minoirity signature collection workers, after a year, still has NOT BEEN PAID. This is not unacceptable and not fair. Please do immidiate action to make those families & children, many are from people of color, women and vets, to have a happy holiday.

Reject I-1000 on Referendum 88

For the first time in WA history, more than 210 thousands voters petitioned within 2 months and successfully put the divisive I-1000 back to the November ballot to give voters a chance to reject it.

I-1000 would legalize discrimination and repeal the existing fair law I-200 which was approved by 58% voters over 42%. Voters’ voice is loud and clear: why do we want to repeal a fair law that is working well?

On the Nov. 2019 ballot, you will find an entry titled “Referendum Measure No. 88” . Its content will be the summary of Initiative 1000 (I-1000). I-1000 would allow the government to treat people differently based on race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.

Should Initiative 1000 be:
[ ] Approved
[X] Rejected

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Heated discussion on Sep 26 at the dinner hosted by Pro I-1000 campaign, where a signature gatherer for I-1000 wanted to get paid for their hard work. Pro I-1000 pac still owes $1.1 million to these hard working signature gatherers. See Seattle Weekly Report.

Was the microphone turned off when it went out of control?


I-1000 would force more than half a million veterans to compete for opportunities over other factors such as race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.

Veterans sacrificed for our nation and they deserve better treatment! [Read more…]


WA voters approved I-200 in 1998 by 58.22% approval over 41.78%. I-200 banned discrimination against, or preferential treatment to any individual or group, on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. I-200 does allow outreach programs and policies helping the economically disadvantaged people.

Percentages of minority students in University of Washington increase steadily in the last 10 years due to the outreach programs helping low income and first generation college students. Source.

A new 2019 Pew Research Center survey finds that 73% of Americans and majorities across all racial groups agree that race should not be a factor in college admissions.


I-1000 claims it doesn’t use quota or preferential treatment(as defined). But there is a loophole in the new definition of preferential treatment. It allows less qualified candidates to be hand-selected over more qualified candidates based on race, gender, ethnicity, national origin etc, as long as the factor is not a sole factor.

Sections 3(8), 3(9), 3(11) of I-1000 show that it would lead to de facto quota in implementation. Read more.


Every single person should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. We are all Americans. It is divisive to separate people by race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation, etc. and treat them differently.


Mounting empirical research shows that race preferential policies actually hurt minority students, according to professor Gail Heriot’s 2015 research
Dubious Expediency“.

I-1000 would create an unaccountable bureaucracy

I-1000 would create a massive governor appointed commission to enforce I-1000, which would expand government authority, open doors to corruption, and cost millions of tax dollars.

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Grassroots Against I-1000

Please join us to express respect and gratitude to this distinguished group of men and women, who have served our country, fought for our freedom and defended our equality. We are grateful that many of them stepped forward and fought together with us in this past election.🇺🇸Remember, Reflect, Respect🇺🇸 ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s against Constitution’s equal protection for government sponsored discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity. A group of parents of color in Hartford are facing exactly the same challenges as we are facing today with I-1000 in WA.

“Each year, world-class magnet schools in Connecticut deny admission to thousands of deserving children while leaving available seats empty—because of skin color. State law requires magnet schools’ enrollment to be at least 25 percent white or Asian. This means Black and Hispanic students are turned away if their admission would push minority enrollment above 75 percent, even if seats remain empty. The Connecticut Parents Union filed a federal lawsuit to eliminate these racial quotas and free up life-changing educational opportunities for students throughout the state.”


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This is a teachable moment for all of us who have faith in our system. All of us won in this truly significant battle of ideas. Equal citizenship and believing in merit are critical to our national success. Forgive me for expressing my pride in America & the people of WA! /end

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