Donate to Grassroots Against I1000

You may have already heard the great news: WA voters rejected R88 by more than 20,000 votes! This could not be done without your generosity and invaluable support during our campaign to Reject I-1000 on R88! Without your contribution, it wouldn’t be possible to have the thousands of signs printed and put on along the many roads across the state; without your support, it wouldn’t be possible to have the carefully-designed messages sent across the many media channels that drew attention from many who didn’t notice the deceiving nature of the initiative and its detrimental consequences; without your alliance, it wouldn’t be possible for us all to witness the eventual victory to fulfill our purpose to Reject R88.

Among all 39 counties in the state of Washington, 34 voted against R88/Initiative 1000. However, the margin of victory would have been greater were it not for deliberately misleading language on the ballots. If the confusing and deceptive ballot language designed by the proponents of I-1000 had instead been truthful, there would have been a much greater number of “Rejected” votes.

Now that the dust of R88 has settled, there still will be a lot more challenges ahead of us. We will continue to devote to nonpartisan, grassroots civic education and activities. Please learn more about us at Being the backbone of our civic engagement, your continuous support will be greatly appreciated along the way.

Grassroots Against I-1000